Faith No More - Who Cares A Lot (Greatest Hits)

Faith No More - Who Cares A Lot (Greatest Hits)

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Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits spotlights some of the biggest tracks released by Faith No More between 1987 and 1997. It includes massive hits such as “Epic”, “Easy”, “Evidence” and their first single “We Care A Lot.”

Presented in chronological order, this collection highlights the journey Faith No More went on, starting with tracks such as “We Care A Lot” and “Introduce Yourself”; tracks sung by original lead singer Chuck Mosley. After his departure in 1988, the band turned to current frontman Mike Patton, who’s first album with the band was the renowned “The Real Thing.”



Side A:
1. We Care A Lot
2. Introduce Yourself
3. From Out Of Nowhere
4. Epic

Side B:
1. Falling To Pieces
2. Midlife Crisis
3. A Small Victory
4. Easy

Side C:
1. Digging The Grave
2. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
3. Evidence
4. I Started A Joke

1. Last Cup of Sorrow
2. Ashes To Ashes
3. Stripsearch