Austin Meade - Black Sheep

Austin Meade - Black Sheep

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On Black Sheep, Austin Meade delivers songs & stories that, like the singer/guitarist himself, are contradictory yet cohesive. His influences are as varied & rich as the small-town Texas soil that nurtured his talent. 12 stellar songs ranging from the storytelling of “Déjà Vu” to the dark alt-pop of “Happier Alone,” & further to the new-age, Sabbath- inspired “Dopamine Drop.”


Side A

1. Dopamine Drop
2. Cave In
3. Creeps
4. Happier Alone
5. Déjà Vu
6. I Don't Feel A Thing

Side B

7. Hurt You To Hear This
8. Something New
9. Settle Down
10. Good Side
11. Lying To Myself
12. Black Sheep