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Complex were formed in Blackpool in 1968 and after a couple of line-up changes the band recorded this debut LP in a pub in Blackpool in 1970 as a 4 piece consisting of Tony Shakespeare (drums), Lance Fogg (bass), Steve Coe (organ), Brian Le (guitar, vocals).

The idea was to release the recordings as a demonstration LP rather than a tape or waiting on one of the southern routed A&R man to show up at a live performance.

Only 99 copies were printed and sent out to major British labels with the hope of maybe securing a record deal, the remaining copies were sold at the bands shows in 1971 for a £1.

The original release has now become legendary amongst collectors of British Psychedelia with copies selling for in excess of £10,000.00

This 50th anniversary edition is limited to 500 (orange vinyl) copies.


1. Funny Feeling

2. Message from the Year 2000

3. Green-eyed Lucy

4. Josie

5. Witch's Spell

6. Norwegian Butterfly

7. Self Declaration

8. Images Blue

9. Storm on Way

10. Mademoiselle Jackie

11. Live for the Minute

12. Hush

13. Images Blue (Alternate Version)

14. Green-eyed Lucy (Alternate Version)

15. Norwegian Butterfly (Alternate Version)