Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

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Limited Edition Pearl White Vinyl

Electric Wizard's 'Dopethrone' is a masterpiece of stoner and doom metal. The Dorset group take Black Sabbath's slow-and-low template and run all the way down the psychedelic rabbit hole and straight into the gates of hell with it.

The ridiculously low-tuned guitars are steeped in devilish herb smoke and thick layers of fuzzed-out fog, whilst their wall-of-sound riffs lumber with monolithic intensity alongside mammoth percussion which fall like asteroids hitting earth.

Jus Oborn’s funereal vocals sound as if he was caught within a bad trip, augmenting the demonic album with a shade of psychedelic brilliance.⁣ 'Dopethrone' is the perfect marriage of doom, sludge, stoner and psychedelic rock and is an essential in any collection. The album art depicting an intoxicated Lucifer pretty much sums up the record!


Side 1. 

1. Vinum Sabbathi

2. Funeralopolis

Side 2.

1. Weird Tales (i. Electric Frost ii. Golgotha iii. Alter Of Melektaus)

2. Barbarian

Side 3.

1. I, The Witchfinder

2. The Hills Have Eyes

3. We Hate You

Side 4.

1. Dope Throne 

2. Mind Transferral