Exit North - Book Of Romance And Dust

Exit North - Book Of Romance And Dust

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500 copies, gatefold sleeve, double 180g white vinyl LP.

New quartet featuring Japan co-founder Steve Jansen, Thomas Feiner, Ulf Jansson, and Charlie Storm traces the edges of darkness and hope across a nuanced, provocative song cycle.

An uncompromising debut album that explores the collective psyches and diverse influences of its renowned members.

The focus is on songcraft that seamlessly combines genres and lyrical perspectives that shift between shadows and light.

Exit North is truly about generating an aural gravity that pulls the best out of its participants. Those who admire Jansen's instrumental, experimental solo output, as well as his song-based work with Japan and Rain Tree Crow, will find much to enjoy on Book of Romance and Dust.

Similarly, the audience Feiner has cultivated with his group Anywhen and its acclaimed recording The Opiates, will encounter a related, spacious aesthetic.

Jansson and Storm have also worked on countless sessions across myriad genres that have enriched the global mindset they brought to this expansive ensemble.

Remastered for vinyl on two discs to maximise quality and volume, presented in a gatefold sleeve with full lyrics and white inner bags.

Track listing :

Side A Bested Bones, Short Of One Dimension.

Side B Sever Me, Passenger's Wake, North.

Side C Lessons In Doubt, Spider.

Side D Losing, Another Chance.