H.P. Lovecraft - Live May 11th 1968

H.P. Lovecraft - Live May 11th 1968

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"A previously unissued, killer acid-ballroom blitz by the late H.P. Lovecraft, a sadly under regarded Chicago band caught in its trippy Gothic psych-rock prime at the Fillmore West." – Rolling Stone

In case you hadn't noticed, there weren't a lot of people taking notes during the heyday of psychedelic concertdom. As a result, the lore and legend of that era consists of hazy, mumbled recollections of plankton-brained survivors. Well, rewrite the history books, because Sundazed archaeologist Jeff Jarema--in collaboration with Lovecraft honcho George Edwards--has excavated this remarkably well-preserved snapshot of Freakout Central from the birthplace of noodle-dancing, the Fillmore Auditorium circa 1968.



  1. "Wayfaring Stranger" (traditional, arranged by George Edwards) – 10:24
  2. "The Drifter" (Tim Edmundson) – 8:24
  3. "It's About Time" (Terry Callier) – 4:55
  4. "The White Ship" (George Edwards, Dave Michaels, Tony Cavallari) – 7:02
  5. "At the Mountains of Madness" (George Edwards, Dave Michaels, Tony Cavallari) – 4:33
  6. "That's the Bag I'm In" (Fred Neil) – 3:35
  7. "I've Been Wrong Before" (Randy Newman) – 2:54
  8. "Country Boy & Bleeker Street" (Fred Neil) – 3:46