Melvins - Stag

Melvins - Stag

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The Melvins 8th album, originally released in 1996.

"Stag" sees the band in experimental mode, using the sitar on "The Bit" and a trombone on "Bar-X-the Rocking M" and even indulging in a little prog on "Buck Owens", amidst the more typical grungy stoner sludge Melvins metal.



1. "The Bit"
2. "Hide"
3. "Bar-X-the Rocking M"
4. "Yacobs Lab"
5. "The Bloat"
6. "Tipping The Lion"
7. "Black Bock"
8. "Goggles"
9. "Soup"
10. "Buck Owens"
11. "Sterilized"
12. "Lacrimosa"
13. "Skin Horse"
14. "Captain Pungent"
15. "Berthas"
16. "Cottonmouth"