Oliver Tree - Ugly Is Beautiful

Oliver Tree - Ugly Is Beautiful

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Ugly is Beautiful’ is the first full-length release from Gen Z’s meme-making extraordinaire Oliver Tree, who announced his early retirement in March - only to return in May with the announcement of his debut after a hacker held Oliver hostage in exchange for 1 million Instagram likes (which Oliver logged in under 24 hours).

To commemorate the digital release, Oliver partnered with Guinness World Records on his secret, longtime passion project of building the world’s largest scooter. He rode the completed 20 foot tall scooter for half a mile.

On ‘Ugly is Beautiful,’ Oliver Tree takes his millions of followers on an unpredictable roller coaster ride through a cracked world full of comic disaster. ‘Ugly is Beautiful’ then is the product of all of Oliver’s otherworldly experiences distilled into fourteen songs - the promise of his EPs, ‘Alien Boy’ and ‘Do You Feel Me?’ fulfilled. “The truth is, it’s my life’s work,” Oliver says.



Me, Myself & I
1993 (Feat. Little Ricky ZR3)
Cash Machine
Let Me Down
Miracle Man
Bury Me Alive
Alien Boy
Joke’s On You!
Again & Again
Waste My Time
I’m Gone