Sigrid - Suckerpunch
Sigrid - Suckerpunch

Sigrid - Suckerpunch

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Norweigan singer-songwriter Sigrid's highly anticipated debut album 'Sucker Punch'.

Sigrid's personal experiences have influenced this album, from winning the BBC sound of 2018 to writing at the piano at home in her hometown, Alesund.

Includes popular tracks such as 'Basic' and 'Don't Kill My Vibe'.

1. Sucker Punch 
2. Mine Right Now 
3. Basic 
4. Strangers 
5. Don't Feel Like Crying 
6. Level Up
7. Sight of You 
8. In Vain 
9. Don't Kill My Vibe 
10. Business Dinners 
11. Never Mine 
12. Dynamite