Soen - The Undiscovered Lotus

Soen - The Undiscovered Lotus

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12" vinyl housed in a sleeve with 2 opposite fronts/covers with the captivating album cover artwork from 'Lotus' and 'Lykaia Revisited'.

The provocative, imperious, and engaging Swedish-based metal group SOEN will celebrate Record Store Day on July 17th by unveiling The Undiscovered Lotus. This beauty is presented on limited edition 12” black vinyl, with two opposing front covers featuring the captivating album artwork from 'Lotus' and 'Lykaia Revisited’. Fans and collector completists alike are in for a real treat, with Side A featuring three unreleased never-before-heard gems from the vaults of the Lotus era! Side B captures the band in all their majestic live glory with performances from the band’s shows at the RCA Club in Lisbon and the Largo Venue in Rome during their 2017 European tour.

Having just unleashed their critically acclaimed fifth studio album IMPERIAL, SOEN are an undeniable cypher for all which swirls around us, something which will continue to set them apart from their peers for years to come. Don’t miss out on this metal gem!



Side A: All unreleased tracks never available before. 


A2 - Thurifer

A3 - Virtue

Side B: All tracks never available on vinyl format.

B1 - Sectarian (Live in Lisbon)

B2 - Jinn (Live in Lisbon) 

B3 - Lucidity (Live in Rome)