Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror

Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror

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1500 copies pressed on Red vinyl, A5 Flyer & DL card.

"Straight out of The Dead Boys / Stooges school of intense, f**k-it-all, snarl and self-destruct. Recommended."

Maximum RocknRoll. Often cited as a major influence on the key bands of the grunge era (Nirvana, Melvins, Mudhoney etc.) Tales Of Terror's one & only LP is an overlooked classic of 80s NorCal punk rock.

Available for the first time in more than 30 years, Kurt Cobain's 32nd-favourite-album-of-all-time is chaotic and charismatic in equal parts; the band's story is tinged with tragedy, but the music they played was life-affirming.

Wild, heads down proto thrash metal meets punk excess; think early Guns n’ Roses meets Iggy at the bar from a band whose trajectory was cut short after the death of guitarist Lyon Wong in 1986. A cobweb dispersing buried treasure that stands alongside the debut of The Damned and draws a shaky line through grunge to At The Drive In and way beyond.

A super rare release, unavailable for over 30 years; remastered and ready to be cranked up to full volume. "Mid-tempo driving grunge rock that gets pretty chaotic” reported Flipside.


A1 Hound Dog

A2 That Girl

A3 Possession

A4 Deathryder

A5 Evil

A6 13.

Side B.

B1 Romance

B2 Over Elvis Worship

B3 Tales Of Terror

B4 Jim

B5 Chambers Of Horror

B6 Ozzy