Tamu Massif - Little Death Summer

Tamu Massif - Little Death Summer

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A master of samples, intelligent lyricism and beautiful vocal harmonies, Little Death Summer is the debut album from Tamu Massif.

Reflecting on the process, he confesses “I went a little bit crazy recording this album. I deliberately worked on it with very little outside input and got lost in my own world. I find listening to music a sort of escapism. And that’s what I set out to create- something to get lost in”.

Garnering attention over the course of two earlier EPs, Alba & Bala, as well as tours with the Japanese House, C Duncan and Shakey Graves and for producing much of Fenne Lily’s debut; Tamu is admired for his talent at gathering and warping field recordings as much as for his gift with harmonies and a distinct deep growl in his vocal. He embellishes his production, collecting sounds from his surroundings and using a phone to steal conversation from strangers and even a purring cat. Teaming up once again with longtime ally Ali Chant (Youth Lagoon, Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding) for his mixing sensibilities, the final result is not something as sparse or lofi as its parts, and instead feels beautiful, bold and unique.



1. Little Death
2. F E E L G O O D
3. Senses
4. Mt Fe
5. Get Some Sleep
6. Niobe
7. the water's good
8. You Better Stay
9. Milksop
10. Carapace
11. Gods
12. Woolf