Ultravox! - Live At The Rainbow 1977

Ultravox! - Live At The Rainbow 1977

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Ultravox! Live at the Rainbow 1977 is available for the first time on vinyl with this special 45th Anniversary Edition.

Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London, in February 1977, it features the original lineup of John Foxx (vocals, harmonica), Billy Currie (keyboards, violin), Stevie Shears (guitar), Chris Cross (bass), and Warren Cann (drums). Also included are three songs that didn’t make it on to the band’s eponymous debut album: “I Came Back Here to Meet You,” “T.V. Orphans” and “I Won’t Play Your Game.”


Side A:

1. I Came Here To Meet You - Live

2. Modern Love - Live

3. Slip Away - Live

4. TV Orphans - Live

5. I Won't Play Your Game - Live


Side B:

6. Wide Boys - Live

7. Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead - Live

8. The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned - Live

9. Dangerous Rhythm - Live