Various Artists - Sassy And Strong: Forgotten Sides From Nashville's Finest Ladies (1967-1973)

Various Artists - Sassy And Strong: Forgotten Sides From Nashville's Finest Ladies (1967-1973)

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In the long shadow of anthems like 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' and 'Ode To Billie Joe'...

Here are some of the finest, most forgotten moments from Nashville's best known and most unknown Ladies. An incredible compendium of seldom heard Countrypolitan Triumphs: Fuzztone Fables to the great God of Avarice - Mammon, totally Boss bass-string belters for Hard-Working Beer-Joint Babes, fearless Existential tracts of Mortality and jaded, jaundiced Serenades for Jilted Lovers.

Years in the making – Sassy and Strong presents 16 timeless tirades from when Nashville put the Pedal Steel to the Metal, when Rubber hit the Country Road: Burnished Broken tales of Celebrity, fumbling, faltering Crises of Identity, Deep, Deep, Probing Lamentations, exhilarating Celebratory Gospel Exaltations and feisty epic Biblical Emancipations.

Upfront and uplifting, profound, proud, reflective and questioning - some of these original 45s are extremely rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your rumbling, righteous listening pleasure. Witness Norma Jean cry Heaven Help the Working Girl! hear Anita Carter declare I Won't Change You. See Judy West sing bittersweet to the Nashville Wives.

Norma Jean - Heaven Help The Working Girl,

Jeannie C. Riley - Shed Me No Tears

Anita Carter - It's My Life (And I'll Live It)

Judy West - Nashville Wives

Arlene Harden - Would You Walk With Me Jimmy

Sammi Smith - The Toast Of '45

Wanda Jackson - The Hunter

Lorene Mann - Slip Away

Jeannie C. Riley - The Rib

Arlene Harden - Money Money, Money

Donna Fargo - The Awareness Of Nothing

Sammi Smith - Brownville Lumberyard

Judy West - Tomorrow (I'm Going Have A Talk With My Heart)

Anita Carter - I Won't Change For You

Margie Singleton - (When Mama Socked It To The) Harper Valley P.T.A.

Wanda Jackson - Oh Happy Day