Vintage Caravan - Monuments

Vintage Caravan - Monuments

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Virtuosic ‘70s rock guitar ruminations encounter an irrefutable mixture of astonishing modern elements and classic psychedelic / progressive rock trademarks: Icelandic frontrunners The Vintage Caravan return with their fifth studio album, Monuments.

After countless high-voltage live performances at festivals such as Roadburn, Wacken and Hellfest, and touring with Opeth, the Icelandic band’s new full-length impressively demonstrates that they have matured both musically and lyrically – presenting their very own potent mixture accented by bold, nostalgic nuance.

On 11 diverse tracks, these youngbloods from Reykjavik truly cast a spell on fans of bewitching, guitar-driven classic and blues rock.



Side 1
1. "Whispers" (3:42)
2. "Crystallized" (5:37)
3. "Can’t Get You Off My Mind" (4:38)

Side 2
1. "Dark Times" (4:44)
2. "This One’s For You" (4:51)
3. "Forgotten" (8:11)

Side 3
1. "Sharp Teeth" (5:31)
2. "Hell" (4:40)
3. "Torn In Two" (5:31)

Side 4
1. "Said & Done" (4:30)
2. "Clarity" (8:12)